Recent Projects

 Atlantic County Municipal Utilities Authority, Egg Harbor Township, NJ Cell #9

The construction of Cell #9 work includes but is not limited to clearing and grubbing, removal of existing vegetation and topsoil, subgrade excavation, import fill and placement, installation of geosynthetic clay liner, 60 mil HDPE, geocomposite drainage net, leachate collection system, import and installation of drainage sand, pump station construction, force main and electrical feeder installation.

Brookhaven Landfill, Town of Brookhaven, NY Cell 6 Phase VII & VIII

The landfill baseliner is a double composite lining system consisting of a combination of bentonite amended soil, geosynthetic clay liner (GCL), high density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane, geosynthetic drainage media, and natural soil drainage media.  Phases VII & VIII also include provisions to collect, pump, and discharge leachate generated within these landfill phases to the existing on-site leachate management systems.

Upon completion of construction of the landfill baseliner the installation was required to demonstrate that the primary lining system does not leak more than 20 gallons per acre per day over a minimum period of 30 days.  The finished liner may also be subjected to a geoelectric leak survey.

 New Jersey Industrial Cap

The projects scope of work includes, a solid waste landfill cap with a geomembrane liner, stormwater management design, and an active gas collection system to collect and treat landfill gases generated within the capping area.